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Violin - Dance

Mojca Gal, born in Slovenia, currently resides in Basel and is a dedicated freelance artist. In 2008, she earned her Concert and Teaching Diploma from the Music Academy  in Ljubljana, graduating with honors and the title of Academic Musician and Violin Professor. Her passion for music led her to further accomplishments, including a Master of Arts in Music Performance from the Hochschule der Künste Bern in 2011 (class of Monika Urbaniak). Continuing her pursuit of musical excellence, Mojca earned another Master of Arts in Music Performance in 2013 at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, focusing on historical performance practice of the violin under the mentorship of Amandine Beyer.

Mojca Gal is celebrated for her international concert engagements, both in chamber music ensembles and orchestras, often serving as concertmaster. Noteworthy collaborations include Ensemble Ad Fontes, Ensemble Arabesque, Freitagsakademie Bern, Neues Mannheimer Orchester, Musica cubicularis, Ensemble Orlando, Basler Madrigalisten, and Grenzklang. Her performances have graced venues and festivals such as Philharmonie Ljubljana, Musikfestival Bern, Klangbasel, Tartini Festival Piran, Innsbrucker Festspiele der Alten Musik, and many more. In 2017, Mojca co-initiated concert series with Ensemble Ad Fontes at the Kartäuserkirche in Basel. 

Mojca Gal's discography reflects her diverse musical expertise, with notable releases such as the 2023 CD 'Army of Generals' with the Neues Mannheimer Orchester, the 2022 CD 'Secret Charms' featuring Violin Sonatas by Giuseppe Tartini and the Graf von St. Germain (Coviello), and the 2020 CD 'Pregon del cantante vagabundo' (ARS Productions) with Ensemble Ad Fontes.

Mojca Gal is a multi-talented artist, distinguished not only for her musical prowess but also for her expertise in 18th-century ballet as a professional dancer. Since 2020, she has collaborated with Canadian choreographer Edmund Fairfax on the reconstruction of 18th-century ballets, a venture showcased on Edmund Fairfax's website and through dance videos. She was presenting his choreographic creations with her dance company Ballet Rococo in the opening concert of Musikfestspiele Sanssouci Potsdam 2024 with Ensemble Zefiro. She is performing as a dance soloist across Europe, among others in collaborations with Les Passions de l'Ame in 2023 ('En Vogue', Theater Solothurn and Bern), 'Surprise à Versailles' mit Thilo hirsch in Kloster Michaelstein 2022 (D), Musica Cubicularis 2021 (SLO). She also collaborated on "Caractères de la danse" with Ensemble Odyssée during their tour in the Netherlands from 2019 to 2021.

As a choreographer and dancer, Mojca has contributed to several stage productions. In 2020/21, she presented her own stage productions with the dance company Chorea Basileae. The company made a notable appearance at the opening night of the international dance conference at Burg Rothenfels (Dance&History) in 2022 with a brief performance. Mojca's choreographic works extend to productions such as "Le Thé dansant im Land Carniola" at the Festival Radovljica (SLO) in 2021 and "Herr Mozart lädt zum Tanz" at Alte Musik Winterthur in 2020. In 2019, Mojca choreographed "Pygmalion, oder der Sommernachtstraum eines Bildhauers" for the Musikfestspiele Sanssouci Potsdam, "Die Muse" in collaboration with Mozarteum Salzburg, RCM London, and Hochschule Bremen, and "Terpsicore" in partnership with Zürcher Barockorchester and Theater Rigiblick Zürich. Her previous works include the 2018 production of "Von Königen, Göttern und Dämonen" in collaboration with FAMB Basel at Theater Scala Basel and the 2017 historical ballet "Dornröschen."

Mojca has also participatedthe opera stage as a dancer in R. Broschi's "Merope" with the dance company Il corpo barocco, under the direction of Sigrid T'Hooft at the Innsbrucker Festspiele.

Beyond her performances, Mojca is actively involved in academia and as a guest lecturer in historical performance practice and 18th-century dance at various music conservatories across Europe. Her academic contributions include a presentation at the 2021 Conference on Music and Dance at the SCB Basel and articles published in esteemed publications such as "Basler Beiträge zur historischen Musikpraxis," "Tauberts 'Rechtschaffener Tantzmeister'" (2019), and "Choreologica, Volume 9 No.1" (2018). Additionally, she has presented at international conferences such as the EADH (European Association of Dance Historians) and contributed to the Journees Taubert in Paris and the international symposium "Kontexte, Lektüren, Praktiken" at the Instrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig. Mojca's proficiency extends beyond artistic expression, enriching the realms of both dance and academia.

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