R e c o r d i n g s

'The soloist's technical perfection and an incredible sense of the rhetoric of the style present Vojta's sonatas in all their narrative quality as a mature and often virtuoso work. Mojca Gal, whose tone varies from mild and subtle to expressive rustic, has also contributed her own composition to the chosen repertoire, Ricercare for solo violin on Ciprian de Rore. Violinist thereby proves to be an intimate connoisseur of style and of the early Baroque composition approaches. Her own creative contribution substantiate and personalize the interpretation ofVojta's but also Schmelzer's, Brade's and Buxtehude's sonatas on this CD even further.'

(Tomaž Gržeta, http://www.sigic.si/zgodbe-iz-mladosti-violine.html)



Recent CD release with Ensemble Ad Fontes: Pregon del cantante vagabundo, ARS Production /more.../



CD Ri-Cercare with sonatas for violin in scordatura of F.I.F. Vojta and H. Schmelzer, ZKP RTV SLO

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOrQJdHNKCU (Biber, Mystery sonata Nr. 1, Annunciatio)

https://youtu.be/wURK3daNMNY (Giuseppe Tartini, Violin Sonata in G major)

https://youtu.be/ohKdtYXYFVo (Franz Benda, Violin sonata in D major, Allegro)

https://youtu.be/qfy47gmtzfY (Giuseppe Tartini, Violin Sonata in g minor)