Since spring 2020, Mojca is working with Canadian dance historian and choreographer Edmund Fairfax on the reconstruction of 18th century ballet. First example  can be viewed underneath: 

This entrée grave is found in Gaudrau’s collection of dances (c1714) choreographed by Pécour. The piece is entitled an “entrée for two men, danced by Messieurs Marcel and Gaudrau in the opera of Persée” by Lully, specifically in the Paris Opéra’s remounting of the work in 1710. The music corresponds to the “Entrée des divinités infernales” in the second act, and so the dance was a duet for two of the divinities from the underworld who emerge bearing gifts in order to aid Perseus.

This piece was almost certainly in the serious style (one of the four traditional styles/techniques of eighteenth-century ballet), which was mainly a more terre-à-terre genre typically performed to slower tempi, relative to the other styles. The piece is notated as a duet with one dancer mirroring the other, but in this reconstruction, the dance has been adapted as a solo, by removing one of the dancing parts and introducing a couple of alterations to the choreography. The notation describes only the movement of the feet; the upper body movements and orientations of the body have been reconstructed based on a variety of other primary sources. Before circa 1730, women theatrical dancers were expected to be more modest in their movements than men, but in this reconstruction the dancer is performing as a man.


Dance: Mojca Gal

Dance Reconstruction: Edmund Fairfax

Musical Performance: Mojca Gal and Bruno Hurtado Gosalvez

Sound and Video: Leonardo Bortolotto

Basel, 2021