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Coaching - bodywork
Pilates and Oxygen Advantage Breathwork

"If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." Joseph Pilates

Most people in our modern society spend hours doing some predominantly sedentary work with little movement, are caught in a tight schedule and stressful job: all that has an impact on the body and accelerates its aging. And yet, everyone prefers to feel as good as possible and as long as possible in one's body.

Mojca got in touch with Pilates through dance. The benefits of the method encouraged her to obtain a certified trainer licence (OTL Akademie). Her passion is to help people find better contact with their bodies, reduce common issues as back- or shoulder pain, and create an oasis of well-being.  

Through observations of her clients, she realized that she cannot address postural issues thoroughly and help them make quick and lasting improvement, if the breathing remains dysfunctional. Shallow, upper chest and mouth breathing cause a variety of issues, including postural problems, lower back and neck pain, fatigue. She recently obtained a licence as advanced instructor in oxygen advantage method. For more information on the method itself, please visit

Mojca is mainly offering Pilates personal training in Basel. She tailors the practice to needs, goals and level of fitness of each individual. A free get-to-know lesson can be booked through the contact form. Especially at the beginning, she recommends a set of individual lessons. Small groups of max. 4 participants are an optional continuation.  

Can be taught in English, German, Italian, French, Slovene language.

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